Creating sequential autoresponders

Atomic Email Autoresponder supports sequential (serial) autoresponses. A sequential autoresponse is an autoresponse that sends not one, but several messages in specified time. For instance, it sends the first message at once, the second message in three days and the third one in a week. This is the "importunity" that can be used to increase sales to forgetful customers.

A sequential autoresponse is created in the same way as a regular one. But you should specify the sequence of messages while creating a new rule. You can do it using the Response Number, Properties and Add new fields. By default, a response that is sent immediately is always created for new rules.

To create the second message in a rule, click Add new and specify the time period after which this message should be sent.

Also, you can edit all messages of the multiple autoresponse independently by selecting the one you need in the list.

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