On-line User Manual

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 Atomic Email Autoresponder

Main menu

Below is the description of the pull-down menu items:


  • New Project - create a new project (autoresponse)
  • Pause Project - pause the project
  • Delete project - delete the project. It will be impossible to recover it.
  • Project Properties - edit project properties


  • Toolbar - hide / show the toolbar.
  • Status bar - hide / show the status bar.
  • Projects Bar - hide / show the project bar


  • Common Settings - edit program settings
  • Internet Settings - edit common Internet settings


  • Help contents - open help for the program
  • Web site - open the site of the program
  • Customer support - send a message to the technical support service
  • Register - register the program
  • About - display brief information about the program and version number

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