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Why Atomic Email Autoresponder?

The main Atomic Email Autoresponder features and advantages over competitors are as follows:

  • Simple and user-friendly interface. Even a beginner can learn how to work with the program in no time. It is quite easy to get started - the New Project wizard will help you create a new project and create rules for sending autoresponse messages.

    Creating your first active autoresponse usually takes about 5-10 minutes!

  • Running permanently and autonomously. After all autoreplies are created, the program can run invisibly for you. It can be started together with Windows and quietly run in the tray. You may just control it and see how many replies have been sent from time to time.

  • Extended rule settings. You can configure Atomic Email Autoresponder almost any way you like! It is possible to send simple autoresponses, sequential autoresponses, at once or in certain time periods, to all addresses or only to some of them.

  • Sequential autoresponses. Atomic Email Autoresponder is one of those few programs that support sequential autoresponse messages. It is the most important feature in software from this class because this is how your customer's loyalty is achieved because there is an impression that you constantly remember about him or her and he or she is almost a VIP client.

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